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KONA HDMI is an 8-lane PCIe 2.0 multi-channel HDMI capture card, with all of the quality and flexibility you have come to expect from AJA. Designed for the demands of multiple workflows such as gaming, streaming, VJ-ing, live events switching, vlogging, VR, post and broadcast, this powerful card boasts support for single channel capture up to 4K/UltraHD 60p or four channel capture up to 2K/HD 60p.

Livegrade Studio - 5.3.3 Added: Export and import settings for "Global and Slot Metadata Layout" smart groups layouts, record folder, custom clip identifier, slot / device configuration, label Added: JKL keyboard nav 8 Feb 2017 CION®, Corvid Ultra®, lo®, Ki Pro®, KONA®, KUMO®, ROI® and T-Tap® HELO H.264 Streaming and Recording Encoder v1.0. 3 www.aja.com record the video to its built in SD slot, to a USB flash drive attached to its USB This document introduces the system configuration, requirements, application environments, and Page 3 / 7. Introduction of Autodesk Flame. Autodesk Flame is the ultimate visual effects Insert the AJA KONA PCIe adapter in the fourt slot 2 after configuration has been completed. Slot 3: BMD DeckLink Extreme 3D Has anyone tested the Kona 3 with Resolve? We'll be taking HD-SDI out of the Decklink into an AJA Hi5 3G, and then the 10-bit HDMI  Standard Definition (SD) 12-bit video capture card -- AJA Kona LS/e is PCI slots inside a Mac G5; the side door opens with a latch and the card if fit into the (3) Component, where all three possible video data signals are separat 3. Video Hardware support. 5. AJA Kona 4. 5. BMD Decklink - new for 2018.2. 5. Storage PCI slots are dependant on motherboard configuration. GPU musl 

The standard workstation is based on the Dell Precision 7920 Rack. Category Description Notes CPUs Dual 12-core Intel Xeon Gold 6136 @ 3.0 GHz, 24.75 MB cache NVIDIA Quadro Graphics P6000 24 GB or RTX 6000 24 GB Must be installed in the PCIe3 x16 Slot 1 in Raiser 1C Memory 12 x 8 GB (96 GB) DDR4 2666 MHz ECC Registered (Miminum) 24 x 8GB (192 GB) DDR4 2666 …

AJA is dedicated to ensuring your success with our products. Technical Support is available free of charge and our team will work with you to help answer questions or resolve any issues. In addition to being AJA’s top-of-the-line Mac product, Kona 3 is engineered for the newer PCI Express bus. (Its predecessor, Kona 2, was a PCI-X card.) PCI Express communicates in data lanes; slots for cards are typically identified by the number of lanes they use (one, four, eight or sixteen lanes). A four-lane PCI Express slot can transfer data equal to the 133 MHz PCI-X slots in the previous generation of Power Mac G5s and is sufficient for any of the current crop of capture cards KONA 5 is AJA’s blazingly fast, 8-lane PCIe 3.0 I/O card, designed for today’s most demanding video and audio workflows. Whether you are working with HFR 8K/UltraHD2, 4K/UltraHD, 2K/HD, SD, Deep Color and/or HDR, experience the quality and peace of mind that KONA 5 brings to your world.

AJA is now shipping the latest update to its top of the line Kona series, the Kona 3G. Capitalizing on the power of the Kona 3, the Kona 3G adds 3Gb SDI input and output to match with the latest devices offering this high-speed SDI protocol. This is in addition to its earlier feature set […]

Page 1 Published: 1/3/13 Installation and Operation Guide B e c a u s e m a t t e r s .; Page 2: Notice AJA Video, with shipping charges prepaid. AJA Video shall pay for the return of the product to the Customer if the shipment is to a location within the country in which the AJA Video service center is located. Open and check the workstation Remove the workstation’s side access panel to access the inside of the computer. Check that the following default components are installed in the workstation: CPU DIMMs Optical drive One hard drive in hard-drive bay 0. Install PCIe cards Release the blue PCIe retaining clips to enable the insertion of the cards. Remove the PCIe slot covers for each of the cards KONA 3G Installation and Operation Manual — Updating KONA 3G Updating KONA 3G Firmware When you update your KONA 3G software by downloading new versions from the aja.com website, it is possible that some versions may also require a firmware update to update the software stored in non-volatile memory on the board.

AJA Control Room also includes cross platform support for the entire Apple ProRes family of codecs on Windows, Linux, and macOS, and adds native 8K support when used with the AJA KONA 5. AJA Control Room comes bundled with the associated Windows and macOS hardware drivers for Io® and T-TAP®.

12.02.2021 The KONA LHi Capture Card from Aja is designed to bridge the gap between legacy analog devices and the latest products using 3Gbps SDI and HDMI by providing editing, monitoring, and mastering of pro-quality video in a powerful yet affordable system. This unit comes with a breakout cable, and can also be connected to an optional breakout box for rackmount I/O …

KONA 3G Io 4K KONA 3 Io Express KONA LHi Io XT KONA LHe Plus T-TAP™ Important Note This is the last driver release for KONA 3. Version History 10.5.1 - Release Date: March 25, 2014 All • Added support for Io 4K • Included additional formats in the AJA DataCalc desktop app • Added support for progressive (p) vs. PsF selection in Control

Aja kona, * os x 10. And then back to all i uninstall the time. Out-of-the-box, your aja hardware and software supports apple final cut pro x, adobe premiere pro cc, and avid media composer and many more, via aja s desktop software drivers and application plug-ins. Full text of NEW, Internet Archive. Hello, i have a aja kona lhe capute card. AV-ресивер AJA IPR-10G2-HDMI. Pguards является официальным поставщиком всех представленных брендов. Опыт работы с гос. заказчиками, гарантии, покупка в кредит и рассрочку, доставка. AJA KONA LHi is physically accommodated by the new Mac Pro in slots 3, 4 and 5. However when running with an Afterburner card in slot 5, you will need to utilize slots 3 or 4. In the event that those slots are utilized for a third party graphics card in combination with an Afterburner card, this will preclude the use of KONA LHi. AJA recommended BIOS 3.3 or later for the full support of all PCIe slots. For maximum utilization of available PCIe slots when using a dual height GPU we recommend slot 7 for the GPU. *4-lane PCIe slots can support the following AJA cards: KONA 1, KONA LHi, KONA LHe Plus For the KONA Mac installation, AJA recommends that the card be placed in Slot 3 and the Apple Expansion Slot Utility be configured so that the slot is running at x4 lane speed or higher. (The choice of x4, x4, x1 and x16 is ideal.) KONA 3 Installation and Operation Guide — Features 3 KONA 3 support for 8 AES digital audio via XLR or BNC features AES input sample rate conversion; this feature eliminates the requirement for audio source synchronization. Sample rate converters auto-lock to any AES in put, 32-96kHz, and then convert it to 24-bit 48 or 96kHz audio, perfectly locked to internal KONA 3 video. Sample rate conversion is